Wall painting


Since the september of 2003, a wall-painting adorns the hotel’s facade. The royal banquet, painted by our friend, the US-artist William “Bill” Ahrendt during weeks of work and fun, measures 5 m length and up to 2 m in height.

“For me, it’s a stage the banquet is set on”, Bill says. In fact, it seems as if one could look through in a hole in the wall and into the restaurant.

If you wonder how an artist from Scottsdale, Arizona gets to come to a small town like Nieder-Olm you should know that he’s no stranger here. 45 years ago, he was here for the first time. Back than in 1958 he was occupied at the US-Airforce in Mainz but he didn’t want to live with the americans and moved to Nieder-Olm. Later he studied arts in Munich where he learned the “Practise of the old masters”.

Today he still paints in the classic method with upper- and under-painting, always in serveral coatings. The painting, Bill’s debut of this sort, is compiled of motives of the netherland-painter Jan Steen.

“A present for my hosts, the families Karl Horn and the Becker’s and all the friends from 45 years ago and all the Nieder-Olmer”.

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